What's The Difference in A Modular Home and Manufactured Home?

This modular homes site was created to introduce ourselves, to educate and provide an answer to this question and many more.

Welcome to modular-home-nc.com. We are Ray Shankle Home Sales, and specialize in modular construction. Our office is located in Hamlet, N.C., just 10 minutes from the famous Rockingham Motor Speedway. You may contact us at (910)582-5066, fax (910) 582-4644 or email us at hhcray@carolina.rr.com or hhcnancy@carolina.rr.com.

Inside you'll find:

  • A variety of floor plans that include exterior elevations to demonstrate curb appeal
  • What to know when you select a builder
  • How and where to get the best mortgage for your home
  • Tips on getting the lowest rates for your home owner's insurance
  • The most complete FAQ section on the internet
  • Facts you need to know about construction

Knowing the answers to these questions will save you money and time.

However, to develop a solid foundation of knowledge you need to spend some time at:

The Modular Home Education Center

Developed with you in mind, this is the internet's most complete resource. This section provides an A To Z education on the home buying process. Use the education center to:

  • Become an informed buyer able to cut through the hype
  • Learn the pit falls to avoid
  • Gain confidence as you learn how each step in the modular home buying process works
  • Draw upon 70+ years combined experience of our staff

The Education Center answers such questions as:

  • Which is the most cost effective foundation
  • What are the hidden costs in a custom home
  • Who is the one contractor you can't afford to skimp on
  • Why are some appraisers better than others
  • Where can I find honest information on a home's construction

Don't shortchange yourself. Make being informed your top priority before purchasing a new home.

Fact Is...

Modular homes are the future.

The speed at which traditional sitebuilders are running to our industry is proof positive.

Ray Shankle Home Sales understands that a revolution in home construction is taking place and that nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

For you and our industry that time is now.

Thank You for visiting with us and don't forget to register for our free newsletter that will provide updates and monthly specials.

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